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Tools, templates, and other resources contributed to the Science Festival Alliance from a wide variety of contributors. Please use the search bar below to filter these items. Contact the Science Festival Alliance if you don't find what you're looking for.

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Volunteer Recruitment Flyer (Small Festivals)

Sponsorship Resource: Invoice Template (SDSF)

Examples of Year Round Science Calendars - Bay Area Science Festival

Festival Brainstorming (Small Festivals)

Planning Resource: Cookie Lab Budget (PSF)

Planning Resource: Neighborhood Science Librarian Checklist (PSF)

Evaluation Instrument: Bay Area Science Festival Returning Attendee Survey

Sponsorship Resource: 2018 PSF Sponsorship Overview (PSF)

Data Analysis Reference Guide

Sponsorship Resource: Science Festival Partner Pitch (BASF)

Sponsorship Resource: Science Festival Sponsorship Grid (SDSF)

Exhibitor Registration (Small Festival)

Sample List of Panel Events

Science Festival Sample Budget

Asset Map

Evaluation Planning: EvalFest Evaluation Planning Timeline

Promotional Resource: 2013 Discovery Day Flyer (BASF)

Invitation for Returning Exhibitors (Small Festivals)

Content Resource: Free Sky Maps

Planning Resource: 2013 Host Welcome Letter (NCSF)


Evaluation Report: Report Layout Checklist

Logistics Report Sample