The mission of the Science Festival Alliance (SFA) is to foster a professional community dedicated to more and better science and technology festivals.

When the SFA began in 2009 only a handful of science festivals existed in the United States, and they were not working (or even communicating) with each other. Since that time, the country has enjoyed a surge in the number of science festivals, and the SFA is now networking together dozens of independently operated festival initiatives. Whether you are considering starting a new science festival, would like to partner with existing festivals, or are just interested in learning about the latest developments, the Science Festival Alliance is the best place to begin.

The SFA is not an independent organization, nor is it the exclusive project of a single institution (though two full-time staff members dedicated to the SFA are housed at the MIT Museum). It is a collaborative network involving institutions, initiatives, and individuals that have committed to work together to best serve our communities through the festival format.


In 2010 the Science Festival Alliance (SFA) started a formal membership program open to science festival initiatives. In many ways the SFA's membership now defines what the Alliance really is. Instead of paying dues, members are asked to participate in the SFA network in ways that support the SFA’s mission. This volunteer support allows the SFA to take on projects that are in the interest of many festivals.

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Thank you to David Wimberley for donating the sciencefestivals.com url address.

Team Members

Ben Wiehe

Manager of Experimental Practice

Amanda Figueroa

Coordinator of Experimental Practice