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Resources for Smaller Festivals

Resources for smaller festivals compiled as part of the Science Festival Accelerator initiative.

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Innovation is what science festivals are all about and each is as unique as the community it serves, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Find sample calendars, budgets, forms, templates, evaluations, and much more—generously shared by SFA members and other supporters of public science outreach.

Contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for or would like to share materials you’ve created.

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Planning Resource: Discovery Day Event Checklist (BASF)

Outgroup Survey

Content Resource: 2014 Astro Card (PSF)

Content Resource: Cookie Lab Hypothesis Worksheet (PSF)

SFA Logo High Resolution

2017 Accelerator Introductions

2017 Annual Report

Attendee Survey Core Questions

Exporting Your SurveyMonkey Data

2017 IPSEC session with Research!America

Overview: Science Night Kits

Prepping Speakers for Festival Engagement - COP Webinar Series

Planning Resource: Volunteer Job Description (PSF)

Festival Brainstorming (Small Festivals)

Promotional Resource: Science Night on the Web (NCSF)

Evaluation: 2014 Festival Evaluation Overview Webinar

Content Resource: 2015 Beer Lab Slide Deck (PSF)

The "Festival Team" in Maine

Evaluation Report: 2006 Small Talk Final Report

Festival Governance

Evaluation Instrument: The Engagement Survey

Planning Resource: North Carolina Science Festival event application (NCSF)

Promotional Resource: 2011 Astronomy Night Flickr (PSF)

Sponsorship Resource: 2011 Benefit Chart (PSF)