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2020 Accelerator Resources

Resources for Smaller Festivals

Resources for smaller festivals compiled as part of the Science Festival Accelerator initiative.

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Innovation is what science festivals are all about and each is as unique as the community it serves, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Find sample calendars, budgets, forms, templates, evaluations, and much more—generously shared by SFA members and other supporters of public science outreach.

Contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for or would like to share materials you’ve created.

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Science Festival Booth Fee Comparison

Content Resource: 2014 Spanish Astro Card (PSF)

Video - South Carolina Science Festival

VIDEO: Going Forth in the Name of Science

Information about a Research Study Parental Permission

Sponsorship Resource: 2011 Benefit Chart (PSF)

Evaluation Summary (Small Festivals)

Overview: Science Night Kits

2012 Big Ideas for Busy People Video

Content Resource: Beer Lab Manual (PSF)

Planning Resource: Sample Beer Program Budget (PSF)

State Wide Festivals

Content Resource: Ted-Ed Video - The Chemistry of Cookies

Video - Wisconsin Science Festival

Evaluation Report: 2009 San Diego Science Festival

Science Festival Event Timeline

Science Festival Partner Packet


Video - How to Make an Activity Hands On

Reaching Underrepresented Groups Webinar Recording

Planning tool for "rolling panel" or "cascading conversation" design

Engaging School Students

What Makes a Good Exhibit

Planning Resource: Astronomy Night Host Site Checklist (PSF)