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Tools, templates, and other resources contributed to the Science Festival Alliance from a wide variety of contributors. Please use the search bar below to filter these items. Contact the Science Festival Alliance if you don't find what you're looking for.

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2018 SFA Annual Report

July 2018 Webinar [#SciEngage]

Letter to Host: Planning an Explorer Sunday

Video - How to Create a Star Party

Science Events Spotlight #1

Behavioral Code of Conduct II

Examples of Year Round Science Calendars - North Carolina Science Festival

Content Resource: Beer Lab Manual (PSF)

Educator Workshop Checklist

2015 IPSEC Program

SurveyMonkey Tutorial

Video - SCOPE

Information about Research Study Adult Participants

Festival Overview Doc (Small Festivals)

Sponsorship Resource: Science Festival Sales Deck (BASF)

EvalFest: Breaking through Creative Blocks: How to Create Data Centered Stories Webinar

EvalFest: EvalFest Fall Festival Report Out Webinar Part 2

Information about Research StudyAssent (Ages 5 –14)

Science Festival Production Schedule


Content Resource: Beer Lab Manual (PSF)

Video - Using a Sun Spotter

Planning Resource: Sample Discovery Day Budget (PSF)