Go Where the People Are: New Rolling Deadline!

About the photo: Science on Parade at the St Petersburg Pride Festival Leave home behind and try something new. This fall's rolling Call for Applications closes November 26, 2018: unless all 9 remaining spots are filled earlier. Apply at any time, and get a response within two weeks. We are embarking on a multi-year exploration of science experiences that reach people where they already are. We’ll be funding work at sites across the US, pushing teams to try things just past their typical comfort zone, sending experts in for observational site visits, and taking the widest perspective possible as we convene meetings and workshops to try and make sense of it all. Taken all together, it’s the Science In Vivo project: a dream-come-true chance to try fantastic things, share the results with the world, and wrestle with issues that strike at the core of public science engagement. But for all of this to work, we need creative and energetic teams on the ground. We need you! Here’s what’s on offer: 18 9 base awards of $5,000 each for “Experimental Sites” We’re looking for boundary stretching ideas—even seemingly outlandish ones—that integrate in-person science experiences into the normal course of people’s lives. We’re particularly interested in settings where large numbers of people are already gathered, and in original activity that doesn’t just replicate what you do the rest of the year. That glimmer of an idea you’ve been mulling over? It’s time to put it down on paper. 6 1 base awards of $10,000 each for “Digging Deeper Sites” We know that many science engagement teams already dabble in bringing science to where the people are. We’re looking for teams that are ready to take this work further. This could range from deeper relationship building with a community, to developing ways to turn incidental interactions with audiences into ongoing activity, to...well, you know the next step for your activity better than we do. You also have an idea for how you'll get there, and its that process for Digging Deeper that has us really intrigued. Supplemental funding and additional support A total of $60,000 in supplemental funding is available, with recipients selected after base awards are announced. On top of that, we’ll be supporting awardees throughout their adventure, and helping them tell their stories when they’re done. Nine sites will receive observational visits from experts, and everyone will have the chance at additional funding support to take part in professional conferences. It's going to be an interesting ride. You can watch along as we go, but why not join us? Throw your hat in the ring now! Experimental Sites can use the rolling application to apply at any time. If you have an interest in a Digging Deeper site, please contact the Science Festival Alliance directly to discuss your plans. Sign up for Science Festival Headlines for future announcements.