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The Science Festival Alliance team is expanding! We're hiring a Project Coordinator to be a part of the MIT Museum's Engagement team.

This is a job that we've dreamed of for a while, and we are so excited to see it finally posted! One half is to take care of the Science Festival Alliance as we reimagine the network together with our membership. Whoever takes this on is going to be working with inspiring community-level initiatives from across the US and Canada. So this is a chance to jump right into a still-growing movement at a special time. At the same time, the other half is to work from within the Cambridge Science Festival to remake the traditions of this cherished annual celebration. The dream? A candidate that works with us to fuse these two halves into one fantastic combination of national organizing and local action!

Ahem. More formally, here is the introduction from the job listing:

Working with the Experimental Practice team: The initial focus of the position’s national involvement is coordination of the Science Festival Alliance. Since 2009 the Alliance’s network has grown to include 75-member science festivals across the United States and Canada, with members ranging widely in scale, scope, and capacity. This position is expected to attend to much of the Alliance’s day-to-day operations, with an emphasis on strong collegial relationships with both members and regional/national collaborators. This position is responsible for the processes and systems that support a vibrant network, including a dynamic website, active online communications, and visually striking reports and professional presentations. The Experimental Practice team also produces the Science Events Summit as a flagship annual meeting, and this position will be deeply involved in producing at least one similar in-person convening annually. This position will help to set the strategic direction and growth of the Science Festival Alliance as its membership returns to in-person festival celebrations and open up new ways of connecting science and community in the years to come.

Working with the Cambridge Science Festival team: The position’s work with national networks will be informed by direct involvement in selected public initiatives of the MIT Museum’s Engagement Department, including the Cambridge Science Festival. The Cambridge Science Festival launched in 2007 as a 10-day annual festival that includes 250+ events at the intersection of art and science. The Project Coordinator will assist the Festival Producer in the overall preparation and execution of the Festival. Reporting to the Producer, this position will be a key member of the Festival’s leadership team in support of events programmed throughout the run-up and execution of the 10-day Festival. The Coordinator will support the management and administration of presenters, artists and key stakeholders. This position will include scheduling, communication and promotion between the Festival and multiple venues, community partners and city offices.

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